What to Expect from a Wedding Hire

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The task of organizing and setting up a wedding is not an easy one. From designing, writing and sending out invitations to choosing a venue, décor, catering services and entertainment, it can turn out to be a nightmare if one thing is not done right. Wedding planners are contracted to plan and organize the entire event from beginning to the end. There are hundreds of companies in Australia that specialize in organizing and setting up events. Hiring a qualified wedding and event planner can save you a lot of stress on this big day. Before choosing a wedding hire, it is important to know what to expect from them in regards to making your event a success. The duties of a wedding and event hire include the following.

Initial Consultation

The event planner will start off by meeting with the client. During this meeting, the planner is able to understand the events from the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids tea and brunches to the wedding itself. Once the events have been outlined, the planner reviews the budget that you present and gives any suggestions for adjustment. They also get information on styles, colours, tastes and theme desired by the client, foods and drinks to be served, type of entertainment and décor for the wedding. The planner then outlines the various packages offered and allows you to choose the most suitable one. Meetings should be done frequently so as to debrief on the progress of the planning process.

Finding a Venue

Whereas most people choose to find a wedding venue on their own, you can always delegate this role to your wedding hire. You only need to give details on the type of setting you prefer, i.e. outdoor or indoor wedding, number of guests to determine space requirements, cost of renting and any other specifications. The planners can then use these to find venues that suit your description and allow you to choose the one you prefer.  For an outdoor venue, confirm that the host allows use of marquees before settling for the place.

Marquee, Furniture and Décor

Most wedding hire companies in Australia work closely with marquee companies, caterers and wedding organizing companies and offer these services to the client as part of the package. They should make sure that these items are available for your event. The event hire should ensure that the caterers are informed on the foods and drink to be served and organize for food tasting prior to the wedding. In case your wedding planner doesn't have items of your preference, they should be in a position to find and buy or rent them for the event.

Companies like Widdeson's Hire Service offer customised product packages to ensure your wedding has the supplies and items specifically needed.

Setting up the Venue

It is the duty of the event planners to ensure the venue is properly set up, décor is in place, furniture is set as required and entertainment equipment is working. During the event, the planner should ensure that the guests are satisfied and well served. The planner should ensure that the event remains on schedule and that featured speakers and performances are prepared. After the wedding, you should meet the planner to review the event, discuss bills and release payment.

Finding a good wedding hire is the first step to a successful event. While planning for events can be a stressful affair, contracting the duty to a qualified event planner will not only relieve you the stress of handling it yourself, but also allow you to enjoy the day.