Love the Planet With These 5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Favour Ideas

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Instead of giving your wedding guests cheap, plastic wedding favours that are likely to end up in a landfill, give them favours that are meaningful, useful and eco-friendly. Depending on the theme of your wedding and your personal sense of style, there are a range of favours you can consider. Take a look at these eco-friendly ideas:

1. Seeds to let love grow

Celebrate your growing love by giving your wedding guests, plant-inspired party favours. Encourage guerilla gardening with a solid dirt and seed ball. Wrap these balls with biodegradable paper wrappers bearing your names and the date of your wedding. To plant the seeds, your friends just need to throw the ball into their yards.

If you would rather not have dirt balls at your wedding. give out packets of seeds, tulip bulbs or even small tree seedlings in muslin bags.

2. Bird feeders to honour the love birds

Instead of seeds to plant, give your wedding guests small bird feeders. You can make or buy balls of seeds tied to elegant ribbons. Print the colourful ribbons with your name and the wedding date.

To honour the love birds, your friends hang the seed ball from a tree in their yard. Once the seeds are gone, birds will likely take the colourful ribbons and wind them into their nests. If you like, you can even ask friends to collect the nests when the birds abandon them, and then, you will have a collection of ribbon-infused love birds' nests for your home.

3. Keep it local with organic goods

Instead of encouraging your guests to grow plants or feed birds, give your guests a wedding favour with a local emphasis. Great ideas include pots of honey, bars of soap or other locally made organic goods.

Add a label to these items expressing a fun message about your wedding. For example, you could put "love is sweet" with the date of your nuptials on the honey jars.

4. Brew up some passion

Puns are fun when it comes to wedding favours, and if you like the idea of "love is brewing", consider giving your wedding guests a small gift of eco-friendly tea or coffee. Put loose leaf tea or farmer friendly, shade-grown coffee in small bags printed with the phrase "love is brewing" or something similar.

5. Pamper your attendants

In lieu of giving wedding favours to every guest who attends the event, many couples opt to give favours just to wedding attendants or to members of the wedding party. As these friends and relatives have helped you get to your big day, give them something to help them take a break. Let them pamper themselves with eco-friendly gifts such as aromatherapy jars, beeswax candles, organic bubble bath or other similar items.

Figure out your options and how they work into your budget by contacting companies like Dazzling Decor. They might have the supplies or products you want to create an eco-friendly day to remember.