Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Celebrant

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Your wedding is one of the most exciting, romantic and important days of your life. It is a day where loved ones gather to witness you commit to a lifetime with your partner. This is a day that everyone hopes to unfold with ease and elegance. Among the many decisions and choices one is faced with when planning a wedding is choosing a celebrant. A celebrant is an individual who is tasked with the duty of officiating the ceremony. A wedding celebrant plays a major role in determining how the entire ceremony will play out. It is therefore important to choose one who is organized, confident and who will articulate your wedding with style. What do you look at when determining the most suitable celebrant? The following are some of the factors to consider.

Good communication skills

Being able to communicate with your celebrant is critical in ensuring that you make the right decisions for your big day. Since you may not have gone through a wedding before, your celebrant should be able to inform and advise you on decisions such as choosing your vows, legal lodgments and sound systems, the order of events during the ceremony as well as details about celebrant fees. They should be in a position to listen to and critique your opinions. They should also be available both physically and on call whenever you need them.


A good celebrant should be organized in the way they carry out their duties. They need to have all the required documents in order, send in legal documents in time for you to review them in advance and show good organization skills. Your big day will be packed with people and be stressful enough for you and your partner. You need to be confident that your celebrant will have everything in control and finalize the ceremony well in advance. You need to be focused on being happy and enjoying your day as opposed to worrying about how events will unfold.


It is important to customize your wedding to fit your individual needs. A good celebrant should be creative and in a position to brainstorm with you on various ideas and styles to help craft your day into a memorable one. Where certain cultural traditions, rituals or spiritual elements are to be incorporated into your wedding, they should be able to execute such with excellence. This calls for a celebrant who has had experience in dealing with different types of weddings.

Legal requirements

Your celebrant needs to be professional and conversant with legal requirements in weddings. There are certain statements that need to be included in the ceremony in order to make the marriage legal. There are also documents that need to be filled out and signed. You need a celebrant who will assure you that all the necessary legal documents are availed and that your marriage certificate is correctly filled.

The celebrant you chose is the person who binds you to your partner in marriage. It is important that you choose one who will make the big day stress-free, elegant and successful.