Wedding Car Hire | Wedding Car Colour Guide For 4 Different Brides

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Hiring a wedding car is one of the topmost priorities for couples about to be married, but choosing the colour is perhaps just as daunting as selecting a wedding theme and dress. This guide is designed to help you choose colours for wedding car hire depending on your personality.

Traditional Bride

The traditional bride favours simple elegance and honours timeless tradition for every part of her wedding — from her dress and theme to her wedding car hire. Traditional brides typically choose between black and white classic vintage cars, luxury cars or limousines to maintain their desire for preserving tradition in every decision they make for the wedding. These classic wedding car colours are timeless and classy, reflecting the personality of a traditional bride radiantly.

Modern Bride

The modern bride likes to be a trendsetter who remains one step ahead of the game. Her idea is to choose classy colours that look great in photographs without clashing with her bridesmaid dresses. Modern brides typically choose wedding car hire colours like silver, ivory and champagne to make a classy statement at their wedding. If you fall into this category, you'll naturally want to pair modern elegance with contemporary style, so these colours will fit brilliantly into your plan. Limos and convertibles are popular with modern brides.

Romantic Bride

The romantic bride has probably been dreaming about her wedding day from the time she was a little girl. She's a hopeless romantic who believes in the fairytales of 'true love' and 'happily ever after' and wants her wedding to reflect her personality. Her wistful idea of romance will resonate in her choice of wedding car hire colours. Romantic brides typically like the idea of soft colours like pinks, peaches, yellows and greens. Romantic brides love the idea of limos or luxury cars for their wedding day.

Dramatic Bride

The dramatic bride has flair and knows how to make a grand entrance. She loves the idea of doing things differently to make a bold statement, while keeping everyone on their toes. For her, presentation is pivotal in everything and her wedding day gives her the opportunity to star in her own show. If you enjoy the spotlight, you'll want to choose colours that reflect this side of your personality. For dramatic brides, wedding car hire colours like reds, blues and oranges will create dramatic impact. Dramatic brides want to be different, so they may choose bright sports cars and convertibles for their big day.