Choosing A Colour Scheme For Your Bohemian Wedding

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Weddings no longer have to be white—and alternative colour schemes are becoming more popular with every passing season. If you'd like to try something a little different for your wedding day, why not consider a boho-toned wedding? Jewel tones are luxurious, flattering and memorable, after all—all things you'll your wedding to be as well. So how can you pick the bohemian-style colour scheme that's right for you?

Brainstorm which jewel tones you look best in.

Any deep, rich colour will work as a jewel tone for a bohemian wedding, and there are plenty to choose from - lots of reds and purples, royal blues, forest greens, terracotta oranges and mustard yellows all work brilliantly. For your custom boho wedding gown, though, you're going to want to make sure you've found the one that suits you the best. There's a jewel tone for everyone, but picking yours will need some thought; if you have dark skin, for example, you might find that the yellows and oranges are perfect, but most people with lighter complexions probably want to avoid them. Redheads almost always look excellent in green, but if your skin has yellow tones you're probably better off with one of the purples. One of the joys of having a coture boho wedding dress made just for you is that it can use any colour combination you can dream of, so use your imagination! Once you've picked the colours you want for your dress, you can start thinking about how to make that theme work for the rest of your wedding decor.

Have a look at what's already there in your venue.

Most wedding venues will allow you to do a certain amount of redecoration, and for seat covers and tablecloths you can have pretty much anything you like. It's worth making sure you're picking something that will work well with the room you're in, though; if the hall your wedding dinner is to be held in is painted green, you might want to avoid using too much yellow to decorate it with! A good venue will be happy to answer your queries and work with you to make your day everything you're hoping it will be, though, so don't be afraid of getting in touch with them about any questions you might have.

Don't limit yourself to just two colours!

It's certainly common for people to pick just two hues for their wedding colour scheme, but there's no reason to limit yourself that much. One of the joys of a bohemian wedding is that you can use the entire jewel tone palate - all those colours work brilliantly alongside each other, so you don't need to pick just two. Why not have a different colour tablecloth on every table, or give your wedding party some options that will mean they're all wearing a colour they feel good in? Mix-and-match is a key part of the boho aesthetic, and embracing that will really give you a day to remember.