When Should You Consider a Custom Made Wedding Dress?

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Most bridal stores will easily tailor a wedding dress to fit your figure, and this is often considered part of the purchase price; many dresses are even made to be somewhat large, as it's often easier to take in that dress than to add cut-outs and expand it. However, this tailoring is a bit different than a custom made wedding dress, which might be designed from scratch or start out with a certain design and then have details added in. Note when you might consider a custom made wedding dress and why this extra investment can be a great choice for your big day.

1. If you want a formal wedding but informal reception

You may have a very formal wedding planned, and expect to have a formal gown to fit the ceremony. However, an oversized gown or one with a long and flowing train may not be the best choice for an informal reception where you want to celebrate and dance the night away. A custom made dress can mean a detachable train that looks very regal for the ceremony but won't get in the way of your dancing or have a type of jacket that can also be removed when it's time to dance. You might also prefer this type of gown if you have an indoor wedding but outdoor reception to be more comfortable after the ceremony is over.

2. If you want to incorporate cultural touches

It may be difficult to find wedding gowns that are used in different cultures in your local bridal stores; for instace, if you want a gown that has traditional Indian touches or that is a red silk versus white, you may find very few choices available at nearby bridal salons. At the same time, you may want a gown that just has a few of these cultural or traditional details, and a custom gown can incorporate certain embroidery, be made of a particular colour, or have a type of cut that is popular with certain cultures. .

3. You're having a themed wedding

If you're having a wedding modelled after a favourite movie, fairy tale, or any other such theme, don't try to fit a standard wedding gown into this ceremony and reception. Have it custom made so it looks like it belongs in the movie or is an exact replica of your favourite character. This will ensure the gown is a perfect complement and fit to that overall theme.